Come paint with us, take home your very own art piece, and learn artistic techniques you can take into your future projects!

Includes paint supplies, canvas, and light refreshments.

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We are a people-loving family of designers, architects, engineers, connectors, and certified nerds. Here’s why we’re the best.


Uniquely Engaging

All of our rooms are 100% customized and created by us, using our shared skills and combined life (and puzzle) experiences including sophisticated robotics and artistic immersion techniques to put you RIGHT in the moment.

Epicly Arranged

We make the all of our games accessible and fully-immersive. Because we’re people-loving, our adventures are exciting, inviting, often educational so anyone can contribute to solving the room. Everyone gets a chance to save the day!

Surprisingly Fun

In our escape rooms, nothing ever plays out quite like you’d expect. We fill each experience with new revelations, exciting moments, and dazzling technology that keeps you guessing until the last second.

Everlasting Memories

If you want to beat the room and emerge victorious with your fist pumping in the air, feeling like the smartest person in the room, you’ll have to depend on the minds and eyes of your team. It’s tough, it’s fun, it’s hilarious. You’ll be talking about this for years to come.




Ben Yount
The Designer

Owner, Drafter, Jack-Of-All-Trades


Amelia Eckerdt
The Connoisseur

Owner, Caterer, Mother to all


Ariel Yount
The Puzzler

Realist, Puzzle-Master, and Clue Designer


Zac Higgins
The Engineer

Owner, Human Pun Generator, Software Engineer


Preston Eckerdt
The Masterbuilder

Owner, Woodworker, and Mathematician


Lilah Higgins
The Artist

Owner, Visual Designer, Mural Painter



Sam Yount

Ron Yount
Lead Designer, Building Code Guru

Kim Yount
Resident Historian, Cookie Baker